First church memory: standing on the pew in her frilly dress and black patent shoes belting out joyful hymns at the top of her little lungs. Beverley’s early memories and experiences are deeply intermingled with gospel music. But she doesn’t sing gospel music for the nostalgia of it. She sings gospel music because it feeds her soul, uplifts her spirits and reminds her of the Hope and Faith that sustains her, and sharing the music with others inspires them as well.

With Every Breath


Is there anything not to love about the music of Christmas? The message is Hope, the feeling is warm, and the traditional tunes live on year after year, creating goodwill in our hearts and enriching our gatherings with family and friends. It’s a magical time of year, made more enjoyable for us by the magical music associated with it.

Tiny Feet


Smooth…evocative… smokey and soothing. When Beverley lets loose on a jazz standard, she owns it, creating a brand new experience for the listener that while freshly presented, doesn’t detract from the familiarity that made a song beloved in decades past. Every singer has a genre where they hit their groove. For Beverley that genre is jazz.

Blue Skies


Easy Listening Folk and Pop

There are times and occasions where the mood or theme calls for something just a little bit different. For that reason, Beverley’s repertoire contains popular love songs, popular tunes, Canadian folk songs and all around feel good, easy listening offerings such as Love Me Tender, I Can See Clearly Now, Snowbird, Top of the World, Blue Bayou, I Wanna Grow Old With You, Ain’t No Sunshine, Hallelujah and The River is Wide, just to name a few.

Ain’t No Sunshine

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